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Thread: silvers in ship

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    Wink silvers in ship

    thought i might try ship 4 silvers on saturday morning before heading south can any one tell me what tide chart 2 use and how the fishing is so far? also where can i get cured row after midnite in ancorage thanks 4 youre help.

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    I was down at Ship yesterday searching for silvers. I saw at least 7 or 8 caught on the incoming tide. I use a tide book that I got at the BX on Elmendorf. I don't believe there is much difference in tide books. They should all be the same, but I may be wrong. It's worked for me so far. Can't help you with the row question. I havn't purchased any recently. It should be starting to get busy down there this weekend because the silvers are starting to trickle in. Good luck.


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