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    I am new to trapping and set out a line where i have found tracks everywhere, bought a book read it and followed it to the T. boiled dyed traps rubber gloves everything . and animals will not come into sets. they come close but never where i want them. i must be missing something . i know this is not detailed but does anyone have any ideas. would appreciate the help. its still fun everytime i go its like x mas hahahahhaha.

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    Go buy another book. I would get a couple, usually you will get a few good tips from each book, blend those few tips together and should find some success.

    Id really try to make freinds with someone that know how to do it and see if they will come look at your sets.

    Also what are you trying to trap? If its canine species, try snares too. Those dogs definitley have an eye for traps it seems. Snares usually get them.

    Also switch your bait up. Dont use the same bait as everyone else. Or try differnt one once in awhile.

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    Have you considered going to an association meeting?
    The last one we went to was incredibly helpful. He actually gave samples on snares and traps. We were able to get ahold of a video on wolf trapping, too.


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