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Thread: Spring bear with cubs

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    Default Spring bear with cubs

    Made for a nice night in the stand. Cubs treed themselves a few times. They stuck around for fortyfive minutes and left.

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    Looks like great fun! I wonder, how close she came to your stand? Looks like she was on her way in.

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    That beautiful cinnamon cub should bring a smile to a successful hunter someday!!

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    Default Story behind the pictures

    The story behind these pictures is my wife having lived here for over ten years had never seen a bear in the wild, so I asked her if she would like to spend an evening at the stand. After about two hours the two cubs walked in right in front of the stand with mom right behind. They went straight to the bait while mom scouted the area. The look on my wife's face was priceless, she was so excited that the entire stand was shaking, she shot over eighty pictures, many were blurred from her shaking. The cubs treed themselves a few times when they heard the beavers in the slough next to the stand. Eventually they had ate enough and after forty minutes they left. Made for a great evening, she got to see three bears, cubs, and a cinnamon all in one night.

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    Thumbs up

    I liked the pictures alot before the story behind the pictures post, now I like them even more, congratulations!

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    Angry Momma bear looks MAD!

    Very mad!

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    looks like you were using a P&S cam (guess how I can tell ) the only problem I can find with these photos is that they are all looking directly at you, which in wildlife photography is a bad thing... Very pretty cubs, thanks for sharing.
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