I just converted my 10/22 to 17 Mach 2. I figure it will be a great little rabbit snuffer. I picked up a green mountain barrel on their web specials page for $64 and the tungston bolt handle from midway. dropped it in a Hogue overmolded stock and put a 2-7 leupold rimefire scope on it. It doesn't shoot half bad either. I think it could probably even do better if I free floated the barrel. I was getting .5-.75 inch 5 shot groups at 50 yards. I would get occasional flyers on some groups opening them up to 1+ inch groups. One funny thing about it was when zeroed at 25 yards it was hitting 2" high at 100 yards. I was able to pop clay pigeon piecs and shotgun hulls consistantly at 100 yards.

If I get a chance I might take it out this weekend and try it out on some snowshoes.