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Thread: velocity vs bullet weight

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    Default velocity vs bullet weight

    I hope Im not flogging a dead horse here, but had an experince and want to know if anyone else has seen this. I had a grizzly stealing my moose meat at the trapline, and after a couple times of trying to run him off decided to shoot him as he was getting very agressive and with 3 kids there..... anyway I took my 50 cal muzzleoader (im not nuts it is the most accurate gun Ive ever owned and my father in law was along with my 300 wsm) Grizzly charged from about 80 yards at 30 he turned slightly to go around a bush I shot him thru the shoulder and father in law hit him not 2 inches from where i did. Muzzleloader was shooting 490 grn. NO Exuse bullet at a clocked 1200 fps 300 was useing a Nosler Partion at a clocked 3100 fps. found both bullets under hide they had penetrated the same but of course the bigger bullet did far more damage. I dont know the bhn hardness of the No Excuses but they are fairly soft but the recovered bullet was perfectly mushroomed. I have seen a lot of game shot and it seems to me that the bigger bullets always work better if they are constructed well. I have used hardcast in my 45/70 on bear and did not like them they just sailed on thru killing the bear after it ran for 200 yards, time enough for it to eat you. has anyone else used big bullets on large stuff if so do you think they worked as well as the small faster ones??

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    "big bullets on big stuff" - isn't that African hunting! Seriously, they have been doing that for a long time on the Dark Continent with considerable success.


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