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    Hunting November 8. What is going on?
    But, I'm loving it. Still in the mid 40's.
    I went over to the west side today. Saw lots of mallards and geese. The main ponds are frozen over. So they are holding up along the shore.
    The wind was blowing pretty hard today. When I jumped them up they would get off the ground and then kinda hover there. The first shot at a mallard caught me by surprise. I was expecting the duck to get in the wind and sail off at 100 mph. I was ready to lead by a mile. So it shocked me when they just hovered there like they were on a string. Basically point and shoot. Getting a triple with my auto was easy. I was chuckling as I was pulling the trigger.
    I jumped up four groups of mallards within 2 miles of shoreline. About 200 birds total "guessing".
    4 drakes 2 hens
    The geese wanted nothing to do with me.

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    Default Cook Inlet Hunt

    Do you have a boat or are you getting these from the shore. I would like to take my son out if it is good.

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    He's getting them from the shore. I have the pleasure of driving past him on my way to the gas pads and seeing him wave to me as he climbs out of his truck with his gun and dog. On the lighter side, I give him daily updates as to where the ducks are holding up at.
    The ponds he was refering to were open today. Really warmed up over here. We've also got a few grumpy brownies roaming around Ivan and Lewis River drainages. They haven't gone in their dens yet and are wrecking alot of the duck cabins over here.

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    Oh yeah. I saw those bruins. A group of four hanging out together. I stayed out in the open just so I could see them. I was too chicken to go near the taller grass. And oh by the way I was carrying lead on me while duck hunting. About 8 slugs.
    Those cabins I came across had the doors ripped off or the siding pulled off from the corner. Incredible, even the cabins with the doors strongly barricaded and the windows covered. They just seem to find the tinniest hole and then work it until it's bigger.
    Hey Foul Smelling Hunter. I think there is a huge snow storm coming on Monday. Guess I won't be flying. Guess I'll have to go deer hunting with out you.


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