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Thread: Stone Fly Favorite Pattern

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    Default Stone Fly Favorite Pattern

    Ok it is official Fly Tying Season!!!!! Honest!!!!!

    SOOOO! Thought I would ask all of you Great people what is your favorite Stone Fly Pattern if you have a Picture post feel free to post it.

    My favorite is a Woolley Bugger / Stone mix that a friend and I created years ago Orvis Picked it up for about 10 years called it the Stoney Fly Bugger. Orginal name HMS Hellgermite.

    Seven sets of feather legs with three over sized hardback turkey feather shells and 4 smalled turkey feather shells. Fur Body picked out! Thing works great on Trout however way to much time to make :-(


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    Default prince/20 incher

    It's pretty tough to beat the old stand by prince nymph for a general stone fly nymph, but it really depends on what stone fly you're imitating if you want to talk specifics....and of course it also depends upon whether you're imitating the adult or nymph stage of the insect. But it's my opinion that if you want a general stone fly nymph, the prince (or some similar versions of if) is about as good as you can do. I tie a pattern called the "20 incher" that looks a lot like a prince, and seems to fish a little better than the standard prince in some situations. It has some partridge soft hackle in it, which is the feature that I believe gives it its potency.

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