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Thread: Dan Wesson .445 SuperMag Alaskan Guide

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    Default Dan Wesson .445 SuperMag Alaskan Guide

    Anyone have one of these?
    Shoots .44 mag, .44 specials also...and has almost the power of a .454.

    Reviews? Pros and/or cons?

    Great looking one, thinking of selling my SW 29 for one.

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    Default Yes, I have one ...

    .. and i love it! Several years ago, I was looking for heavy duty sidearm. I didn't like the Ruger SuperRedhawk (well made, but ugly to me), and didn't really trust the Taurus. So what other options were there? S&W was being boycotted at the time because of the deal they cut with the Clinton administration (and they only offered a 44 mag anyway), so what else? I couldn't afford one of the other brands (can't recall the names), and they are single action anyway, and I wanted DA/SA. Then I found the DW. They had just introduced the AK guide special, and it was just what I was looking for. But price was still an issue. Lo and behold, I found a local guy who had a 445 supermag for sale. It only had the 8" barrel at the time, so i ordered the 4" barrel and ported shroud from DW. It has the standard satin stainless finish, not the matte, weather-tuf finish that DW is/was putting on the "official" AK Guide Special, but its the same in all other respects.

    Yes, its, just a shade under the 454 ballistically, and just a shade over the 480 Ruger. It's a fine handgun! But don't expect it to shoot 44 mags too well; at least mine doesn't. Yeah, they'll shoot, but not well. I gave up on that notion pretty fast. But in a pinch, they'll work. Realize that it strictly a handloading proposition, but they're easy to load for. I use a sett of 44 dies; cast my own Saeco bullets, and use Starline brass.

    Good luck. I think you'll enjoy it.

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    I have one with 3 bbl's that I don't use any more. In fact, I've only put about 200 rounds through it since I bought it new. All bbl's are heavy vent shroud type, two are 8 inch and are set up with scopes, the other bbl is 6 inch with no scope mount. I signed it over to my brother in law who never uses it, but takes good care of it. He hunts with 44 mags and I have a 454 and 500 that I use along with a 44 once in a while. I have all the dies and some components too if you know any one that is interested in buying it. I want to get a rifle and scope for a 2009 Caribou hunt in Alaska.

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    do you still have it please reply to iwanna445 i live in wyo and have an ffl dealer i work with if you are serious for the right price thanks

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    Default Tough as nails

    I have had mine for awhile and carried through the bog and the sand and still shoots. I can till you it will sit a 400 lb black bear on his rear and dreaming of daises.


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