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    I know this is the trapping forum, but I was needing some advice on calling fox and other predators up here. Just moved from Oklahoma, and had my caller reprogrammed for coyote, fox and lynx. Just wondering if anyone has advice about setups, and what call sounds work best.

    My 13 year old son and I have made several sets, but no response. Have used the snowshoe distress, woodpecker, and other distress. Is it better to use coyote howls and challenges for coyote, and red fox distress/red fox sounds?

    Thanks a bunch for the advice in advance!

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    Default tough hunt

    I have had little luck in alaska calling - advice is to get out as far as you can to find new areas- away from town and of the road system, maybe do some scouting too?

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    Look for pathes of least resistance. I have found that the snow plays a major part in predator success here when theres lots of snow on the ground. I setup near trails and put a decoy on the trail or just off the edge on the other side of where I setup to take the eyes off of me if I have to reposition. As far as calls, I think the coyote howls and snowshoe in distress work the best but like said before get out of town. You have to also think about food source, the snowshoes are coming back into that seven year cycle so there are more rabbits than you can shake a stick at this year. I think If your in an area with lots of rabbits your odds are 50/50 using the distress call , most of the time predators wont give up a free meal unless their full. Bottom line is get out there and scout for them, theres no sense in setting up in an area that has no signs of predators because youll waste your time.

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    Default Callin

    I was use too huntin the lower 48 for yotes but its allot different here. I have had 0 luck with howling. I think its because yotes are not the top of the food chain and are reluctant to come in. Wolves like to eat coyotes. They are not real vocal here in the interior. I have had luck calling longer. Like i would if i was hunting bobcat. Also i agree with getting away from town. It seem like the farther away i get the better i do. Good luck Hillbilly

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    Default Calling Seminar

    There is a full day calling seminar on furbearers and varmints by Ace Callaway at Frontier Outfitters (Sentry Hardware building on Old Steese) on Nov 17. Cost is $20.00 .For more info you can call Frontier Outfitters at 452-4774.

    Of course this only does you any good if you live in Fairbanks.
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    If your calling around the matsu valley, be preparred for alot of dissapointment. I have put in Hours, more hours and racked up the miles on my car over 2 years with out much to show for it. Some of the guys in the interior do okay. But It will never be like oklahoma! If you shoot 2 in a season you did great. If you even see one you did good. My best year was 3 seen!

    If you want to see some call around service high school. or the airport. They come running! Anchorage is probably the best place to call actually, too bad no shooting.

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    Well hopefully we can change that this year Matt.

    TL what worked for ya down there will work up here, ya just have to put yourself where the critters are, and be a little more patient. Some come in right away, but the last few I called in were between 30-45 minutes in to the stand, and I was sitting in the middle of a coyote freeway too. The last one came into coyote vocals and rabbit in distress, but this was the first time I had used the vocals, and I saved them for the end of the stand incase something else was in the area.

    Matt, I plan on hitting it hard this year, so PM me and tell me what days of the week your availble. Plan on putting that .17 HMR to work on the fox too. If'n I knew you were selling a .204 I might have made arrangements to get that sucker too.


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