I just wanted to post a link to a new website for information on Ahtna Lands. This website was created to try and provide better information to the public.


This website is a work in progress and I would appreciate any comments or suggestions the forum might have.

One issue that we are working with BLM and the State of Alaska to address is access across Ahtna Lands. Numerous trails, called 17(b) trails, were put in place to allow the public to cross Native Corporation lands to reach public lands. These are public easements and no permit from Ahtna is needed to cross if you stay on the designated 17(b) trail.

The problem is that often the trails were drawn based on the info they had in the 1970s and do not reflect where the actual trail is on the ground. Also, some of the trails put in place as 17(b) trails did not and still do not exist on the ground. We are GPSing the trails but it is a long and expensive endeavor (there are nearly 200). I hope to eventually have maps on the above site showing the location of the trails and their acceptable uses as designated by BLM.

If you need to cross Ahtna Lands and there is not a 17(b) trail in the area, you can purchase a permit ($10-$100 depending on use such as crossing, camping, snowmachine, etc). Hunting (except for the Bison Hunting Permit) is not allowed on Ahtna Lands. However, if you just want to cross Ahtna to get to where you would like to hunt or fish you can still purchase a permit.