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    I'm extraordinarily new to bow..... only shot my buddy's recurve while hiking several times. However, I would like to get into it. I have a 14 and a 10 year old and we like to hike/fish etc.... I thought a recurve to take along and shoot on overnights would be fun. Any recommendations on something we could all start on?

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    I would advise you to go to a pro shop like Fletchers in Wasilla and talk to them. Tell them what you want to do with the bow and they can steer you in the right direction. They will have different bows that you can shoot. I went to them when I was getting started and they were very helpful.

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    Where do you live? Here are some of the shops that are around. Go by and see what they have and they can fit you to what you are looking for.

    Fletcher's in Wasilla

    Back Country Archery in Anchorage

    King's nock in Fairbanks

    An Archery store in Kenai

    And a new store in Eagle River.
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    boy, it sounds like you're asking for 1 bow for 3 people, 2 very youngings and one adult?

    They do sell some fiberglass one piecers for faily cheap and they would be good bows for the youngings for sure.

    Heck if you could find some rattan a belt sander, and bandsaw, you could easily make a kids bow for both of them. The band saw to cut the proflile, belt sander to tiller it out. Cheap easy and can take a beating.

    Post this wants on tradgang.coms classifieds and see what you come up with. There's a ton of stuff going through there. Nothing against this site, it just doesnt have much for a traditional following.

    You can make your own quivers. I think I still have plans for a simple back quiver, if you want I can dig them up. If not, look online, there are some other plans there also, and it's easy enough to do. Only thing left is arrows, arm guards and tabs/gloves


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