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Thread: sled resurrect?

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    Default sled resurrect?


    New here... and new to snowmachinin, too.
    A buddy of mine wants to sell me a '97 Arctic Cat Jag... with only 575 original miles, and garage kept for the last 5 years!

    what kind of things should I anticipate doing to get this sled back to life?? I have some basic mechanical skills and understanding but would like to know more before I get balls deep into this project...

    also, whats a sled like this even worth?


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    if it aint been run you will probably need to drain the gas, and pull/clean the carbs. The floats almost allways get stuck. Check the pull cord it is probably trashed and nothing feels worse than throwing out a shoulder when it breaks. I would pull the plugs and spray a good quality penetrating oil like marvel into the pistons and let it sit for at least a couple of hours or even over night. I am picking up a 96 couger this weekend with under 500 miles and it was in the paper for 1800, but it has been VERY well taken care of and is in perfect running condition. All this goes under the assumption that it has been sitting for an extended period of time and are pretty much true for any motorized vehicle. I am sure others will have recomendations on what to do with the suspension etc.


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