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Thread: Salmon Lake on Prince of Wales

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    Default Salmon Lake on Prince of Wales

    Need some advice. My brother and I have booked a flight from Ketchikan out to Salmon Lake to stay in the forest service cabin there next July. We are taking my daughter and his grandson.

    Does anyone have any info about the lake or cabin or area in general? We did a bunch of research and ended up deciding on this cabin due to a number of factors, fairly remote, sure thing fishing, wildlife, etc.

    Anyway, we are looking for any info from any of you that may have stayed there, fished there and the Karta drainage, or have pictures of a trip there. Pictures would be excellent.

    Thanks, we are really excited to head out. The wait is going to be excruciating.

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    I've never fished the lake, always came in by boat and stayed at salt water and fished the river up to a set of falls, never went above them. We were spring fishing steelhead and trout and did quite well. Unfortunately I haven't been there for 15-18 years and couldn't give you any current info.

    Good luck


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    My dad and I stayed in the Salmon lake cabin last spring. I would suggest staying at the Karta lake cabin. Closer to better fishing. The Salmon Lk cabin is one of the oldest Forest Service cabins in SE Alaska. It was built by the CCC workers. The boat is in rough shape and took about 20min. with a 6hp outboard to get to the outlet of the lake. The hike from there to the Karta river was about 1.5 miles, not to bad of a trail, but took to much time to hike there everyday. The rivers at the head of the lake took about the same amount of time. We did not fish them.
    The Karta cabin is in real nice shape and so is the skiff. The lake is small enough to row around in, with out having to bring a outboard. The Karta river is awesome fishing. We did good on the trout, but found few steelhead. The water was real high.
    You should have great fishing for trout in July wherever you stay.
    Bring mouse traps!!!!!
    Let me know if you need any info!

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    Never been there, but I've heard a couple recent reports that July on the Karta has been mostly pinks and not much else. Let us know how you do.

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    Default Karta/Salmon lakes

    I stayed at both the Karta and Salmon lake cabins late July last summer. I can give you the low down on both if you send me a PM.

    Basically, I agree with past posts that the Salmon Lake cabin is cool, but the Karta Lake cabin is much more centrally located for fishing. Nearly all the good fishing spots are within 1.5 miles of that cabin. In contrast, the salmon lake cabin is 1.5 mile from any fishing.


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