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Thread: Wolves or caribou near Cantwell

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    Default Wolves or caribou near Cantwell

    I'm going out to hunt for wolves on the day after Thanksgiving. I was going to head toward Cantwell. Has anyone seen caribou anywhere around there? I'm willing to take the time and go up the Denali highway some if anyone thinks there is a herd with wolves following. Any info on wolf or caribou location would be helpful

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    There are almost always caribou near Cantwell, as there is a small resident herd in the area. The wolves may not be as obvious, as the gut piles that are associated with the winter Tier II hunt aren't there this year. If you can't find caribou within spotting distance of the highway 5-10 miles south of Cantwell, try riding 20 miles in on the Denali Highway and ride up into the foothills to the south near Seattle Creek. There are usually caribou there in the winter as well. Or...on the north side near Brushkana Creek. Or...nearly anywhere out there!


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