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    I am trying to plan an 08 moose hunt in GMU 17B and am looking at the Kulik/Grant Lake area. I have been told that this area receives a fair amount of hunting pressure though. Has anyone had much expirience up in that area? Also wondering if anyone knows if there is a better area around there that does not get as much hunting pressure. I am hoping to find an outfitter in the area that will rent equipment for a base camp so if anyone knows of a reputable guide that I could use it would be greatly appreciated. I am a Michigander and I have never been to Alaska. I appreciate all of the information that everyone has been willing to share. If I am missing something our way out in left feild please let me know. I have thick skin and would rather find out that now than once I arrive in Alaska. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Search this Forum and Check the Regs


    If you search this forum, you might find some info that deals with the area you're discussing, there have been a few threads that dealt with 17B in the past.

    I would definitely recommend checking the regs, if you plan on hunting a river many of the drainages in unit 17 are restricted to resident hunting for a specified distance (I think it's two miles) on either side of the river.

    Many of the hunters who hunt Unit 17 stage their hunts out of Dillingham, Iliamna, or Aniak. The outfitters you locate (search Alaska moose hunting) will note where they're located, and what units they hunt in.

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    It's my understanding that pressure has increased in this area in the last few years since the new restriction on the nushagak river (two mile corridor, no nonresidents) and some amping up of native corp fees for hunters. Many outfitters and DIYers from the Nush have just switched over but will soon make that place a zoo, and it hasn't yet sorted itself out. I'd suggest you call the local biologist (907) 842-2334 he will be able to tell you much of what you need to know.

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    Default you will have plenty of company...

    i guided up there for 8 years, out of a lodge on lake beverly. we regularly had 2-4 camps on and around kulik, and there were at least 3 or 4 other guide operations using kulik and grant, as well as drop-off DIY camps. you can expect occupied camps on the lake as soon as is legally permitted.
    moose hunting can be pretty good there though, but you can count on plenty of boat and plane traffic.
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