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    Several years ago i bought a savage stevens side by side 12 gauge. I am trying to find the serial number on it. I looked every where. The shot gun appears to be fairly old and it is a non blue type steel barrel. Any information any one can give me as far as possible value and why there is no number would be appreciated. I remember reading somthing years ago that shot guns prior to the mid 40s were not issued a number? Any information that some one could provide would be much appreciated as i am curious as to what i have. Thanks Chef

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    Remove the forearm and take the barrels off. Look around the receiver. Also look under the barrel selector lever if it has one. Firearms were not required to have serial numbers until the 1968 GCA.

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    I also have what sounds like the same thing. The only number on it is 1500 as the model number. There is no serial number on mine. Suggest before you shoot it that you remove the rear stock and clean the action out (crud can really build up in there).


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