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    Question Arisaka action

    Anyone ever use an Arisaka action to rebarrel? I understand that the early ones were of top quality, comparable to a 98 mauser. Seems to me that they're decent looking and might work just fine. Your opinion?
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    Long long ago, I played with a couple. I could once tell you which actions were which on the desirability list, but that info has left the room.

    Seemed to be a fine action, but the safety was a PITA till you got used to it. Williams used to make accessories, and Timney made a trigger as I recall. I don't know how much luck you would have today finding the pieces to trick one out.

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    By a big margin one of the strongest action ever made. But to sporterize one in this day and age would be highly questionable.

    The only one I recall ever seeing that you did not have to hold your nose, while looking at, was indeed in the old WILLIAMS Gun-sight catalog on how to Sporterize your rifle, from long long ago.

    If you are lucky and no one has butchered it, they do have a collectors value. The money recovered, would sure put you on the road to something else.

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