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Thread: Port Chalmers Cabin Condition

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    Default Port Chalmers Cabin Condition

    Anyone been out at the cabin this season. Me and some friends have it reserved next week. Trying to find out how its holding up? If there is anything I should bring along. Also I understand theres bunks, does anyone know how many. There will be four of us on this trip.

    Any info would be great.


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    I was there a few years ago, it was in good condition then. There are 4 bunks, and you'll be cozy with 4 people in gear in that cabin We did have trouble with the stove wanting either run full blast or not at all, but that may be simply due to someone being a tightwad and bringing diesel vs heating oil. I'd factor in 2 gallons per night. So we had the experience of dang it's burning in here, turn it down, then wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning cold and usually yours truly would end up relighting the stove.

    If you want to burn wood either in the wood burning stove, or in in the campfire ring out front, bring your own. The only thing you'll find within reasonable distance of the cabin will be rotted out and soaking wet.

    A small bbq and bag of charcoil is a must have. Cooking up some burgers or brauts under the stars watching the Northern lights while sipping a cool one there has to rank right up there as one of my all time best Alaskan experiences.


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