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Thread: PWS/Large Lake inflatable reccomendations

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    Default PWS/Large Lake inflatable reccomendations

    I am in the market for a boat and due to my lack of storage space, I have decided to look into inflatables.

    My goal is to be able to hunt PWS and along the larger lakes (Tustamena, Skilak, Louise, etc.)

    My question is: What do you reccomend for a setup?

    I am familiar with Tustamena and Skilak using a 16' v-hull with a 28hp 2stroke. I have not boated PWS.

    My proposed setup is 2 persons with gear for ten days.

    I am unfamiliar with inflatables, and will spend most the time on the lakes, but would like to try PWS as well.

    So what would you recommend? Anyone who has a setup for this purpose, I am interested in your experience as well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default 25 years in PWS with inflatables

    Here is the set up I ran for years in the PWS, Homer, Seward and some lakes and rivers. 18 foot with a Honda 25hp, 6 gallons = 80 miles, a little under powered with 1000#. Handled 16 foot seas once (not recommended)
    A lot of people don't like but, I see almost every bay with in 40 miles of Whittier.
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    Does lack of storage space equate to not having a trailer?

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    AKBighorn-Unfortunately, yes, I do not have adequate storage space for a boat and trailer. I can store a trailer, but I can't store a boat on a trailer. That is one reason I am looking at inflatables.

    alaskapirhana, thanks for the info. that is exactly the anecdotal evidence I am looking for in making my decision.

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    Default So I asked this question of a ship captain...

    And she said that there was little that she wouldn't be willing to run in when using one of the Mark V HD Zodiacs...mind you that she has a heck of a lot more experience but I thought that this was quite an endorsement...
    As well, I thought that the Mark IV HD was maybe another option for me as I am still trying to figure a way to roll the darn thing up, throw it in the back of the truck, then inflate it with a large volume compressor and drop the motor on it. Its just that I'm having problems trying to think of a way to swing the motor into position without having to mount a boom on the back of the truck--or blow out a disk in my back!!! Looks like I'd have to bite the bullet and just trailer it.

    Hope this helps!


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    Default Shore Launching

    First thing we did was take the anchor down to the water and run the rope back up the beach on a incoming tide. Then we used to go to Whittier or deep creek and take the 16' out of the Blazer and install the floor boaurds and pump it up. Put on the launch wheels add our 25hp motor and take it down to the waters edge. Drag the rest of the gear down and load it up, pick up the anchor rope and tie it off.
    Sit back in the Zod and wait for the tide to float the boat with a beer.
    Now thats where the setting of the anchor first comes in, once it floats your anchor keeps the bow straight out and you can pull your self to deeper water to fire the motor up and go.
    You don't always need huge piles of cash to enjoy the Alaskan outdoors, with a little extra work we had a blast.


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