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    I have been an interested reader over the past several months. Thanks to all that have unknowingly provided a wealth of information. Much discussion has been made regarding various GMAs in the state. I haven't read much feedback on GMA 12. I would like to know what's taking place in GMA 12 regarding game populations and trends. I had family members that lived in the Delta Junction/ Tok area years ago and they told me of the hunting opportunities there. What's happening there now? Thanks in advance for everyones imput.

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    Still pretty poor hunting for most species. Moose #'s are down. There are black and grizz, but hard to hunt, so much cover. Sheep are in the mountains, but population isn't as good as it once was. Beautiful country though.

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    In addition to what northway said keep in mind large parts of unit 12 are private land. This makes public hunting and access difficult. Between the large regional Corps like Athna & Doyon and the village Corporations such as Tanacross, Mentasta, Northway & Tetlin. They have a lot of land here. As said the area is beautiful and looks good on the map.


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