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    Yep there in there I saw 2 rabbits on sun. One suprised me and didnt get him. the other was quicker than me. the first was all white if anyone would like to know that.

    Just wanted to thank you guys for your help. I will keep trying and hopefully start wrighting about how good they taste

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    Default White Rabbits

    Sunday was a great day for me and a bad day for the rabbits. Mother nature played a cruel trick on them. It snowed, they turned white, the snow melted and then the woods were full of white rabbits and no snow. Poor things, it was ALMOST unfair. Almost but not quite........

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    I will be out sat hunting for these critters
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    Yes, it was ridiculously easy getting rabbits this weekend, limited out in about 2 hours, could have doubled my limit easy.

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    You guys found a better spot than I did. Of course they were white, and I was in the snow. The only one I saw was on the way back to the car, and shooting towards the area where people park would have been irresponsible. I guess this weekend I will be looking for areas where the snow has melted.

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    Anyone know of a spot around Peters Creek that I can hunt them with a .22. Don't know the area that well and haven't had much time to scout. Not asking for a secret spot when you can always find them, just some general pointers.
    Chris Willhoite

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    Big Peters Creek is open to hunting. Since there are houses right at the trail head I wait until I am a half mile from the trail head or up the mountain before I will shoot anything. I have only gotten ptarmigan above tree line in Peters Creek, but I'm sure if you go back far enough you can find rabbits and grouse.


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