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Thread: guide/charter service for mid June

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    Default guide/charter service for mid June

    Hi folks!

    I've been a member of the site for a while, but mostly a lurker for the most part.

    I've promised the lil woman a cruise to your great state for next year. We'll be porting in Whittier on June 11th and I'd really like to set up a halibut/salmon charter for a few days after our arrival date. I saw a great charter/guide service that was not too far from Whittier which was owned by a retired USAF Colonel, but I can't find the website to make a reservation.

    Could someone please lead me in the right direction or maybe give a recommendation for a good charter service for this time or year, or maybe tell me a better time of year to ensure a better experience for my wife?

    Thanks for your help! I envy you folks for living in "Heaven on Earth!

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    you have a PM


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