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    Smile Hey all...

    Hey guys...I am from Northern Alberta and plan to be in Fairbanks the last 2 weeks of july, into 1st week of august for work...I love to fish and the guys and I would really like to grab a nice sized King. What would you suggest for fishing locations in the emmediate area of fairbanks and Eilson...r there any shore spots or do you really to boat. Also what is the local favorite for bait?Live?Roe?lures? ( I know its kind of secretive but it would be real helpful)

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    You've got the Chena river which runs right through town and can be acessed in many places and the Salcha river which is 30-40 miles south on the Richardson Highway, in the direction of Delta Junction. On the Salcha you can park at the bridge and walk downstream and see what everyone else is doing. The fish are just now starting into the rivers, both runs are small and don't last long but produce fish. You can fish both rivers from shore but as always a boat would be more productive. People use every method there is on both rivers. The fish are a little worn out by the time they reach here but are still fun to catch, I just feel a little sorry for them when I catch them after they made it 1,000 miles up the river!

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    Thx Bearbait...much appreciated


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