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Thread: Encore barrel break-in?

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    Default Encore barrel break-in?

    Just picked up a 300 win mag barrel for my Encore Pro Hunter. It's new and I have heard of "break-in" periods for barrels but don't know much beyond that. What do I gotta do, or is it just a myth. Thanks, Charlie

    P.S. I topped it with a Ziess conquest and love the scope so far. I was a Nikon man, but will be switching to Ziess for any "higher end" applications if it holds up in the field.
    You know you aren't really having fun until you ask yourself -how much is this going to cost me?

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    Default Break in

    I like to pass a tight patch down the bore 75 times while watching tv thats been saturated with flintz polishing compound.follow it up with clean patches untill youcome out clean.Some like to shoot 5 round clean and repeat.Thats not my idea of fun.All your trying to do is smooth the bore after it was made ie geting rid of any fine burs that will cause greater fouling.My 2cents

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    Default cleaning

    I have been looking at new barrels and several of the custom barrel sites talk about breaking in new barrel. I think it is one of the things you can ask 10 people and get 10 different answer.

    But I have found most of them stating pretty much the same thing.

    There is no hard and fast rule about barrel break-in procedure, and this is only meant to be a guide to "break-in" based on our experience. Some barrel conditions (chamber, bullet, primer, powder, pressure, velocity etc.) may require more shoot-and-clean cycles than others. It is a good idea to just observe what the barrel is telling you with its fouling pattern. Once your barrel is broken in, there is no need to continue breaking it in.

    You should Initially perform the shoot-one-shot-and-clean cycle five times. If copper fouling isn't reduced, fire one shot (5 more times) and so on until fouling begins to drop off. At that point shoot three shots before cleaning and observe. If fouling is reduced, fire five shots before cleaning.

    Chrome moly Barrels
    - Fire one shot, then clean your barrel. (Repeat this step 5 to 25 times.)
    - Fire three shots, then clean your barrel. (Repeat this step 1 or 2 times.)
    - Fire five shots, then clean your barrel and you're done.

    Stainless Steel Barrels
    - Fire one shot, then clean your barrel. (Repeat this step 5 times.)
    - Fire three shots, then clean your barrel.
    - Fire five shots, then clean your barrel and you're done.

    The hyper link I am adding talks about NEW barrels and cleaning

    Click here: Barrel Cleaning and Break-In - L. Bengtson Arms Co. Hope it helps. Good luck with your new barrel? What kind did you get and what twist?

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    Default don't over heat

    I believe that Thompson Center has some recomendations on breaking in barrels, not sure, but I did read something after I bought my first Encore. Personnally I pretty much follow lovefishing's method. The most important factor is to allow the barrel to cool between shots, cleaning gives some cooling effect and time but I try to wait at least 5 minutes between shots for the first 20 or so. Letting a barrel heat up while breakin could negatively and permanently ruin the accuracy of a barrel.


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