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    Default bushnell 4200 elite

    I am thinking about put a bushnell 4200 elite scope on a ruger 338wm. Is this a suitable scope that will hold up to the constant pounding of the 338?? Does anyone have any firsthand info on this?

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    What is the power of this scope?
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    Default Have one on my .338

    I have the Elite on my Ruger .338 WinMag, seems to work just fine. My scope is 1.5x - 6x. Plenty of eye relief!


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    Default bushnell 4200 elite

    I have an older Bausch & Lomb 4000 Elite (same scope as the Bushnell 4200 without the raincoating and name change,) in 2.5-10 on a .338 Win. magnum, and a 1.5-6 on a .375 H& H. I've had no problems with either. I think the Elite 4200's now called Bushnell's are excellent scopes for the money. I would not hesitate to use one on a .338 WM, or anything else for that matter.


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    ran one on my 300RUM for about 400 rounds.....worked fine. mine was 2.5-10. I have one on my 270ti in 2.5-10too.

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    Thanks for the info. The scope power that I am looking at is 2.5-10.

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    I've shot my Tikka T3 Lite 338 WM with a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x40 off a heavily weighted lead sled without any trouble. At least 250 rounds down range so far.
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    Default EYE RELIEF on 4200

    Utilized 4200 for several years on 45-70 Marlin for Black Bear. Quality scope, but be sure to check eye relief and clarity at full magnification! Mine is fantastic at 1.5x, but drops down the qualtiy scale at 5x.

    Overall a very good scope. Maybe I'm flawed...utilizing a 45-70 for this application...but I shoot coyotes with it, here in OH, and the scope performs very well in cold, rainy, freezing conditions.

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    I can't comment on whether it will hold up to the 338, but I will say that my bushnell is probably my favorite of the scopes I have owned (including the Leupolds). They have a water and fog shedding coating called Rainguard that works very well hunting in adverse weather. I love mine, and that's what I'll buy next time around.


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