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Thread: Any info on this kind of sled?

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    Default Any info on this kind of sled?

    I am looking at a 2002 Polaris 700 classic. My brother-in-law bought this for his wife a few years ago and she never rode it. Any info on this sled would be appreciated.

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    It's a sled that is pretty good all around, but doesn't excel at anything . They are pretty much made for the groomed trails of the midwest. The 700 is one of Polaris' icons when it comes to engines and it is pretty much bulletproof, but the "classic" chassis is kind of along the line of touring sleds. It will be good for trails and moderate powder, but I wouldn't go boondocking through the mountains with it unless I did a few modifications (lighten it up, paddle track, etc...).

    I guess it depends on what kind of riding you want to do and how good of deal you are getting on the sled.

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    I was hoping to use it for a few things. Mainly trails, have something for the wife to ride and a little hunting and ice fishing. I have an otter sled to pull behind it. Not looking to tear up the powder and mountains, have an RMK for that.

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    This must be one cruddy sled since deerhunter hasn's gotten any response. Wish I knew of this sled dh.

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    Smile Good Rig

    I had a 2002 600 Classic but I put a 136 1 1/2 inch track on it ! This rig was set up for going all over southcentral. It had 8500 miles on it when I sold it to a teacher in Bethel to cruise around there. In all that, it had been to Mt Sue. and all over Peterville, Denali Highway, and up the Ididarod Trail to Rainy Pass. Never mind how many ntrip to Hatchers Pass.
    I use it as my main guide sled here at Winter Park Cabins in Willow!
    Now it has over 10,000 miles on it!
    Spent about $3,000 to maintain the rig over 5 yrs.

    Hope you have fun! Trailboss

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    Thanks Trailboss and AKmud. Appreciate the info.


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