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    Default Factory Direct

    Has anyone purchased, or had any experience with a Mohawk canoe? They seem to carry a pretty solid line. I'm looking at the Nova 17, but I'm still not sold on spending that much on something I've never seen.

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    Default Great Boat

    I had one when I was a kid (35 years ago). I was hard on that canoe and she held up fine. If I was in the market for one I would look primarily at Mohawks.


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    Default Mohawk canoes

    Mohawk does make some pretty good canoes.
    My Clipper Prob white water canoe is a Mohawk design and I love it!
    As I remember Mohawk is in Chattanooga, TN so if' you're driving by the factory on your way to Alaska you can get a pretty good deal.
    But if you're thinking about shipping a single canoe up to Alaska the freight is going to be a pretty expensive venture. You'll come out money ahead buying a canoe at the end of season prices at one of the local canoe dealers.

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