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Thread: Sony DSC-H7???

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    Default Sony DSC-H7???

    I am thinking about getting a Sony DSC-H7. It has 15x zoom and in "Popular Photography" August 2007, had a very favorable review. I have been using the Sony Cybershot series cameras for a few years and while very pleased with them, I am hoping to upgrade a bit. Anyone using/know of this camera? Thanks for any thoughts.

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    My problem with Sony cameras in general is that Sony makes you buy memory cards of their own design. It seems Sony is always trying to change the world to get people to do it *their* way. Of course the reason they did this was to get you buy their brand of expensive cards, which were the only ones available for a quite a long time. You might remember they tried to change the world with Betamax years ago. Now days the cards are pretty cheap, although Memory Sticks still cost more than SD cards. But I still won't buy one because it just encourages bad corporate behavior. If you feed them, you know they are going to bite you again with a new product.

    Another issue is that Sony has a poor reputation for customer service on their consumer goods. They are well regarded with their high end stuff though. I have no personal experience with this. I'm just reporting what I have frequently read on internet photography forums.

    I hear the H7 is a good camera. Other contenders in this category are Canon's S5 IS, and Panasonic's FZ18 and FZ50. All but the Sony use SD cards.


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