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    Need recommendations for air charter services for a Peninsula Brown Bear hunt. What kind of total cost can I expect to get there and back from Anchorage/Kenai Peninsula?
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    For the ticket there I used my airline miles. If you do this. Pay attention to what you book and what they say. I didn't pay attention neither did my partner. We some how booked the tickets as I believe they said Super Saver. It was 15,000 miles intead of 20,000. But I neve heard that term before and never gave it any thought. We told the people with Alaska Airlines that we wanted to be able to change to our tickets if we scored. They said no problem will just be the $50 fee. Well we tagged our bears and get to the air port. It was not a super saver day so we could not change our tickets. So I said okay i want to buy another ticket with my miles. They said no, it has to be bought atleast 24 hours in advance. So we spent another $295 on a one way ticket each. So much for a free ticket huh. The charter for the beaver with Branch River Air was $600 an hour. Not sure if the beavers can fly in the spring. The Cesna 206 was $400 an hour. You are basically paying for two round trips. So cost was half of $2400. I then tipped the pilot $200 and the ramp rat $50 and the partner payed him $50 also. Then I spent $65 on a hat and sweat shirt from the company. It was my first hunt and was happy with the guys and performance. Some tip some don't. I did and it felt good. So depending on where you hot spot is you might want to take commercial jumpers to get close to your spot. Will be lots cheaper in the long run. Branch River Air was one of the cheapest ones I believe. You also ferry to Kodiak and take a flight. But the pilot we talked to there wanted over $3000. Start checking around now.


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