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    Default Advice On Guides

    My wife, daughter (12) and I will be flying to Anchorage the second week of August. Renting an RV and heading generally north. I would like to take the girls on a 3 day / 2 night float. I want it all of course. Sightseeing, some fun rapids, and (of course) fishing (preferably the fly type). Any suggestions for an area and guide service is most welcome. We're flexible on location but not date. Thanks.

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    Default Definitely on the right track!

    Iggy, plenty of outdoor guides of all sorts on the forums. I would send a PM to Mr. Strahan and ask him for some assistance. If you look through the forums you will see his advice and assistance offered in many different aspects. Plenty of others and I don't know Mr. Strahan but he appears to know just about everyone you need to know and has done a little of everythng. Many others fit the bill but I know he will be eager to help you if you shoot him a direct message....

    Best of luck!

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    Default Heading North Extended Trip


    Goody does offer some sound advise Mike knows just about everyone.

    If your Looking North that time of year on the Parks Talkeetna River Guides run the Chulitna System great views " if the Sun is out" some decent fishing depending on the water some what limited but a great trip.

    If your looking to accomplish a little more fishing then look to the Upper Gulkana normal trip would be 3 nights however 2 nights is still fun.
    You have a couple of options :

    King Fisher Perch Josh Hughes
    Blue Moose Rafting

    The Gulkana offers a good family trip with a white water, good camping and excellent fishing for Sockeye Salmon, Rainbow Trout, and Grayling during August.

    Best of Luck with your trip.

    Richard Mousseau
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    Whatever you do, be sure and check out references. There are a lot of good guides/outfitters, there a lot of so so guides/outfitters, and unfortunately a lot of not worth a darn guides/outfitters...if you want one of the best contact Bluemoose...that upper Gulkana trip he refered to is just what you are looking for. I used his services for that trip last year with my son and two grandsons. "Top Drawer" the river is full of a variety of fish, it is unreal. I have fished all over the world and have chartered many guides/outfitters/captains and can attest Moose runs a first class show! PM me if you should want any specifics.

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    Mike Strahan ( and Larry Bartlett ( are both good sources.
    "The days a man spends fishing or spends hunting should not be deducted from the time he's on earth. " Theodore Roosevelt

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks to all of you for your info. Nice bunch of guys.


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    The Gulkana offers a much better option for what you are looking for. Even for us that live in the Talkeetna area we often venture over to the Gulkana for a quality trip. Less traffic, no powerboat conflicts, and better fishing.

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    Default Gulkana

    I'm from NY and went to Alaska this past June on a quick trip.
    Gulkana is a great spot. The moose gets two NY Thumbs UP!!
    Learned a lot! I rented an RV out of Anchorage PM me if you need details on RV rental etc.



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