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    Got a couple of questions about Burbot fishing. I've been fishing Alaska for a long time and consider myself an excellent angler. I've never actually targeted Burbot, so I'm definately in need of some help here. When is the best time to go? Where are some good places in the Fairbanks/North Pole/Delta area? What is the most productive bait and way to fish?

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    As far as your area you are in good burbot teritory. they can be caught in the summer fishing like you would for catfish. During winter if you can use bait then use fish carcas or stink bait through the ice. If you were refering to time of day I might not be as much help there. Butbot are predators but they will scavange so on flowing water look for areas where the water transitions from fast water to slow water where food can fall out of the flowing water. For long streches of slow water or in ponds and lakes let your bait drop to the bottom and sit. Through the ice you might try to raise it about a foot off of the bottom. Just go out and prospect and find your own holes to fish because most people are not going to tell you their favorite spot. Other helpful info for locations of both formerly stocked lakes and river burbot can be found on the ADF&G website. If you are ice fishing and are not experienced then goto lakes where others fish and look for blood around ice holes. Good luck.

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    I hear you can jig for them thru the ice with big soft plastics.

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    We used to fish for them at biglake it was always hit and miss.

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    go get you some whitefish and cut them in 1" strips then put them on a good size 1/0 hook or run a line of hooks. Come back the next day and enjoy!

    I like cooking by burbot in boiling sugar water.....It comes out like crab meat. I usually eat it by dipping it in melted butter.


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