Hi folks,

Some time ago I did a head-to-head comparison of inflatable canoes and published the results on my website. Lots of folks wanted that information and it stayed there until some guys started using it to ignite controversy surrounding one particular brand of boat. As a result I pulled the report offline for a while, indicating that folks who want the report are welcome to write me privately and I would email it.

But you guys wore me down! I can't tell you how many of those things I've been sending out, but I finally broke down and posted it back on my website tonight. But this time instead of just the report, I have also posted the raw field data, as it was written by the canoeists who actually did the testing for me. Use it to draw your own conclusions, without the curse of my personal observations, biases, and idiosyncracies.

Soooo.... if you are interested in purchasing or renting an inflatable canoe for expedition travel in Alaska (hunting or otherwise), CLICK THIS LINK and you'll be taken to my website. I am having a technical issue with the site right now that prevents me from linking to a specific page, so once you get there you have to click on the "Blog" button, then go to "Inflatable Canoe Test". That should get you there.

The field notes are a bit blurry, and I apologize for that. If enough of you complain about that, I could try to fix it. But it's 11PM right now and I have to be up early. I wanted to get this done before crawling back into my cave for the evening.

Hope it helps someone out there!