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Thread: Dalton Highway Mgt Area

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    Default Dalton Highway Mgt Area

    Doing a lot of research on-line for a possible 2008 trip to the Dalton Highway Corridor Mgt Area...gotta love the internet.

    I found a caribou mgt report from Jun 2000 that mentioned a requirement for an archer to label their arrows with their bowhunter education cert number. I can't find this anywhere in the regs. Still a requirement? Just want to make sure I do everything right.

    I also found a population survey on the central artic herd that said most of the herd starts heading south by Aug and is in the Brooks' foothills by Sep (mentioning Toolik, Galbraith, and the headwaters of Itishak and the Sag). But, I read a posting or saw soemthing about a hunter getting a bull in the Franklin Bluffs area in Oct...that's a long way from the foothills I think. Do the bulls migrate south later? Are there animals in the foothills in late Aug?

    I'm really not an avid road hunter and would prefer to locate an area with a higher probability and then just trek out. Any ideas would be helpful.

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    Default Answers

    The marking of the arrows was stopped 3-4 years ago.

    So a search for the "Haul Road". This year was very different and I was up there for a week and saw only 2 cows in August. It is still not good from what I hear.

    On my previous 2 trips I tagged out in 12 hours and 6 hours respectively south of the Ice Cut in early August.

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    Default Thanks much

    Thanks for the info. What's the ice cut?

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    Default Hey I found Ice Cut

    I think I found Ice Cut, mile marker 326??

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    I personally consider the Haul Road hunt a meat hunt. I don't consider it a "quality" hunt at all. Putting up with the hoards of hunters, the constant semi truck traffic, and driving all that way doesn't compare to the type of hunts I have had when I have flown in. If I was coming to Alaska for a once in a lifetime hunt I would save some more money and fly in to another area.

    That being said, the Haul Road is a beautiful drive as long as you are properly prepared. There is an abundance of animals to choose from and the success rate is fairly high.

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    Default Changes

    Things seem to be changing up there as fall and winter come later and later. For instance, the caribou stayed up along the coast this year well into September to (it is assumed) stay in the breezes off the ocean and minimize insect harassment. That used to be nearly unheard of that time of year. I was up there recently and the 'bou were still north of Pump Station 3. Same for this time of year last year. So, yes, it appears that their southward migration is being delayed more and more but I would bet big that in any given year, an early (or normal) winter would get them heading south as in the "old" days.
    Yep, no IBEP number required on arrows and no 1/4 mile no shooting zone along the highway, anymore.
    As you probably are aware, there are several websites to track the weather up there to help you plan your trip in the short term.

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    Default late report but....

    I was hunting west of ice cut last weekend and we saw plenty of animals majority of the animals were 6 miles out but we saw some pretty big monster but he was at mile 4.7......seems like he was just laughing at us...

    all in all it was a good hunt...but it was pretty cold at night

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    Default Thanks all

    Thanks all for the information. I haven't been to Alaska in a long time and want to bring my son up for a caribou hunt before I get too old. My mid life crisis response is a hunting trip up there since my wife says I can't have a girlfriend. I have narrowed the trip options down to two:

    Drive up and hunt the Haul Rd or drive to Tok and fly-in to hunt the 40 mile herd with 40-mile air. I have heard really good things about 40 mile air on this forum and Vanessa answered all my questions, fast. But, the Haul Rd hunt is a little cheaper (I'm poor--my wife has lots of money, but I don't) and the CAH is reportedly in better shape. I would really like my son to see a lot of animals on a quality hunt.

    Both trips meet my timing reqirements to go up in late August because of school schedules.

    When you (AKDoug) say there are "hoards" of people. Is that a lot? I mean, I live in Oregon, by Portland. Roadhunting "HOARDS" is a way of life here. If I float across the Sag do I leave many behind?

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    haul road or fly out?

    Fly out without question.

    You can have a fun haul road hunt, but those days seem to be growing less and less.

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    Default Hoards of Hunters?

    If you hunt the road then yes, but hike a couple of miles off the road and you will be lucky to see another person.
    My last trip I seen lots of bulls, but did not get a shot at the one I wanted and put a sucessfull sneek on a couple of smaller bulls for the fun of it.
    If you hunt the other side of the Sag river I would hike past and camp there vs. doing a daily hike in. I camped about 3 miles in because I ran into a couple of small herds.
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    The haul road would be a fun trip, but for a "quality" hunt you will probably be better off flying in, in my opinion. vance

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    Default Is the 40 mile herd a good bet?

    I really appreciate all the input. Today its cheaper for me to drive up rather than fly both my son and myself up to reach an air taxi outfit (that could always change). So I have been focusing my research on the CAH and 40 mile herds since the air taxis that provide access to them are accessible by road.

    The two I have heard the most about were Coyote Air and 40 mile air. Any input on them would be appreciated as well as a recommendation on which herd is recommended.

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    Default Try Quebec

    Having hunted the haul road yearly, the 40-mile herd, and Quebec your best chances are Quebec. If you are on a shoestring budget, run haul road it's usually a fun time. This year on our normal meat run we saw 3 caribou on the haul road due I believe to the heat. Either way all would be a good trip.


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    Go every year and love it. Now, I won't lie about the number of folks ROAD hunting, huge numbers. I personally hike out the distance and have never ever seen another person, other than who I was hunting with in seven years. Alot will complain about the trip and state they won't go back, but ask them did they hike out or not? I absoultely love the area and the drive up is excellent. Travel as light as you can, buy the best gear you can afford and go for it. This year met a group from Idaho, they drove up and seemed to have a blast. Go for it.


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