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Thread: the hay flats this time of year...

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    Default the hay flats this time of year...

    Hi everybody. I've been hunting the hay flats this year, down by where everybody ties their boats up in the Knik and stashes their duck boats. I know the river is really low right now, but assuming that I run down on a high tide, is anyone aware of any issues with ice coming in on the tide and messing with boats tied up in the river this time of year? I pulled my little boat out awhile ago and I have been pretty much out of touch with the scene out there. Any info would be appreciated, I've been thinking of trying to squeak another day or two in. Thanks.

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    Default Hay Flats

    I was also wondering if someone is getting into the birds out in Palmer Slough, and coffee point? Or are there still birds using the area?


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