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    Ive been requested by alaskamokaiman and flathorn for a picture of my top. It was built by custom canvas in fairbanks. It actually fits better than the pictures make it apear but the day I took the photos it was very cold so I was afraid to strech it to much. they did a excelent job but they way over built it. You could tow it down the highway at 65mph or tie a zodiak on top. It also cost alot $550. They said if they ever did anouther one it would be $650 (winter of 06/07). I would never use it in a river because I think it would be to hard to get out of if you flipped it plus I think it distorts your visability enough it would be hard to read the water for shallow spots. In the ocean it works very good you stay compleatly dry in the rain and going through the waves.
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    Do you have a back curtian as well?

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    Thumbs up getting trapped

    I would worry a little if you had too much of a cover such as a back curtain,, you could easily get trapped in too much of a cover if you got tipped over.
    I think this cover looks great and offers escape in the event you need it.. what a great looking cover and with good visibility ..
    Thanks for the pictures ..
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    Like the cover/top, I built these windshields but no top. Thinking that I could lenghten the peak and bend it for a top, may have to try one. Cost $150.
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