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    Default Sled hook-up

    I just bought an Otter sled with Otter hitch set up!! I plan to use it on my Ski-do Tundra LT. How do you guys do the hook-up on the Tundra?? Do you just use a nut/bolt or clevis or?????

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    Default Duct Tape.

    It holds Alaska together

    I like using the same clips that hold my gunboot on. If I lose it or break it I always have a spare and I use some cord and tie it to the cargo sled. Seems to work pretty good and there is no nut or bolt to lose in the snow.

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    Default J-hitch

    big fan of this as far as quickly releasing the sled if I cut fresh tracks. Buy the high grade one if you get one and plan on pulling heavy loads of wood etc. They can cause headaches if you get stuck with a heavy load and can't move the sled or machine. Those are the times I wish I was using a pin or clevis.


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