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Thread: Any backcountry skiing in Delta Junction area?

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    Default Any backcountry skiing in Delta Junction area?

    I just recently bought a pair of telemark skis, and i really want to learn this winter. I'm wondering if there are any good day trips off the highway back to a mountain in the delta area. I was also thinking of snowshoeing back in for snowboarding too, so if anyone has done something similar let me know.

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    I know very, very little of the Delta area, but it seemed like the area just south of Donnely Dome held some great backcountry potential. If you get 10-20 miles south of Donnely you'll get into some great mountains directly to the east of the road. You can literally start climbing right from the parking lot.

    If you need something more mellow to start on, it looked like Donnely itself would be skiable.

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    Donnelly dome is a great place if it isn't too wind effected. The glaciers south of there like the Black Rapids, Canwell, Castner, Fels and Gulkana have some terrific places to get some nice long powder runs. If you are looking for a great beginner spot, I'd recommend the Rainbow Glacier off the Canwell near Isabel pass.

    I have alot of fond memories skiing down there from my days of living in Fairbanks. Its where I made my first telemark turn, woohoo, right on the Gulkana Glacier.

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    Default Searching for runs Christmas weekend?

    I'm in Delta this winter and looking for some snowboarding/skiing buddies - especially folks willing to hike! Went to summit twice so far, which is just awesome if you've got a snowmachine - it's something like 4-6 miles back in there before you get to the base of the hills you'd want to ski/ board. But the possibilities are endless once you're out there.
    Doesn't look to me like Donnely hardly ever has the snow coverage, but if you did catch it right after it snows, it would be a super fun run.
    There's also a powerline run about 20 minutes on the other side of town, not sure if it has the coverage yet either.
    In any case, this weekend I will be out scouting for snowboardable terrain, if anyone is interested or has a powder stash they want to share, drop me a line!


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