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Thread: Halibut Cove Goat Hunt

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    Default Halibut Cove Goat Hunt

    I am going out Friday for goat. Can anyone give me any advice that might be helpful in the area? This will be my first goat hunt and first time in the Halibut cove area hunting. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default I hope you like to hike

    I have taken a goat from that area a couple of years ago. Go across to Halibut Cove and on the left hand side there is a forestry trail that will take you up. Then, it had a sign with a wooden platform right on the waters edge so it was easy to see. Should be able to get a map of that range that will have the trails on it. There was a ferry out of Homer that would take you there but I dont know if they are running this time of year. From the top where the trail kinda end and the treeline stops, keep going back until you get to the jagged peaks with a big bowl on the left. It is several miles back but there were many goats to choose from. I actually took mine about a mile short of that bowl. My buddy and I were looking for a place to set up camp a good distance from the bowl so to not spook any of the goats with camp. We were walking around and went over to the edge of the cliff and there was a goat below us. Got within 100 yards. Took the shot. I also went with another buddy to Sadie Cove and there is no trail there. That hike was tough. Unfortunatley my partner was not as tough as I was and he wimped out about 2/3 the way up. Good luck.

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    the park has pulled the ramp down to the floating dock at the lagoon trailheads. you can tie your boat up there, but you need a skiff or kayak to get back to shore.
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