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Thread: 308 load advice needed

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    Default 308 load advice needed

    I recently picked up a couple of 308s and am planning on reloading for them. One is a remington 788 topped with a 2-7 leupold VxII that I picked up for my wife. Before I picked up this rifle my smallest rifle was my kimber 325 wsm and it was a little too much recoil for her. I had intended on getting a 7mm-08 but run into a good deal on this 788 in 308 and its a great shooter. I tried some fed classic 180s and it shot them very well. I was hoping to load this with something she could shoot deer-moose with the same load. I'm at a loss what bullet and what gr I should shoot. I was thinking something like the 165gr partition or 168gr TSX would be solid performers on game up to moose. Those 130gr TSX would definatly make some nice low recoil loads but how would they handle moose? Just seem a little light. Whats your guys top pick for a good all around bullet for general alaskan hunting?

    The second 308 was a mauser that somebody had put a in the white 18" light weight barrel on and then chopped down the military stock into roughly winchester 94 demensions. I had big plans to completly sporterize this rifle into something for my wife but found that 788 for much less than I would have had to sink into the mauser. I finished off the stock as and am having a set of XS ghose rings put on it. Will give it a good "poor mans parkerizing" with a can of ultra flat spray paint. It will then live out its days in the trunk of my car. I always like to have a rifle with me but don't like risking one of my more expensive ones leaving them in the trunk indefinatly. For this one I was thinking I would go heavy, I won't be shooting past 200 yards with it. How well does the 308 handle 180-200s, even 220s? I can't imagine squeaking too much velosity out of that short 18" barrel. Maybe a heavy RN that will open up at the lower velosities? I have plenty of magazine room so COL won't be that big a concern, that might free up a bit of internal capacity.

    Lastly a guy I work with also shoots the 308 but only uses it for long range paper punching. He has offered to buy the dies, brass, and bullets if I will reload some for him as well. I was thinking the sierra 168gr matchking or 168gr Amax or 168 match BTHP would be good for paper punching.

    thanks in advance.
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    It depends on what you mean by "paper punching." If you're going to be shooting matches with your buddy, better let him pick your bullets. If you mean plinking and gun familiarity, I don't think you have to stick to match grade bullets or to 168's.

    I can't say about that Mauser, but in my experience 788's are really democratic about bullets. They like most of them and seldom stick their nose up at one. I sure wouldn't pass up any bargains on bullets. My old 788 really liked lighter bullets too, and I could count on 1/2" groups at 100 yards with either Sierra 125 SP's or Speer 130 HPs. Bulk bullets from Remington or Winchester bought at bargain basement prices probably never shot a group bigger than an inch with any powder while going through several thousand bullets. The same was true for bulk cast bullets from most manufacturers.

    If your Mauser didn't perform at least as well as the 788, I'd dump it and be really happy with the 788.

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    Smile .308 load

    Mr. Bear- one of my best heavy-duty .308 loads is a 180gr Triple Shock pushed by 41gr. IMR4064. About 1-2 grains below the listed max(safe), and shoots 3/4" at 200 yards all day long. The Triple Shock will do a nice job on a moose. When shot at 300-400 yards, the groups are consistently round. Hope this helps!

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    Thumbs up 308

    IMR 4895 @ 43.6
    IMR 4064 @ 43.5

    165 Nosler Accubond or 168 Barnes TSX

    165 Sierra Gameking BTHP a excellent bullet

    168 Sierra BTHP Matchking for taget shooting

    Fed 210M Primer
    WW Cases

    If you need info please let me know........hunted with the 308 Win Coast to Coast for the past 30 years as well as some Army shooting with it.

    These are very good loads for young shooters and the like.....and very accurate

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    Default .308-150gr

    Hey BushMan-What powder have you had the best luck with, with 150gr. Nosler Partitions? IMR4064, and IMR4895 are the 2 that I will be working with. I guess the 4895 is a little faster burning, eh?

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    Thumbs up 308 Win

    With the 150/155 grain bullets the H322 @ 42.0 with Fed210 Match Primers in WW Cases (cloverleaf Groups @ 100 yards)......provided me with excellent accuarcy...along with IMR 4895 @ 45.6.

    I used more IMR 4895 in the 308 Win and 30-06 over the years than any other powder.

    The Sierra Gameking BTSP are excellent bullets seated @ 2.79 to 2.80". Used these loads for years for Hunting. Yes you can use the Nosler Part for these loads also.

    For these bullet weights.....Reloader 10, Benchmark, H322, N202....alittle faster burning powder works the 308 Win with 150/155 gr bullets.

    Varget and CCI BR2 Primers @ 46.5 to 47.0 in WW cases and 150gr Bullets was the last load I used before switching to the 165 Sierra BTHP. Best accuarcy was acheived the closer I got to 47.0 with 150 grainers.

    Reloader 15 has provided excellent accuarcy @ 47.2 w/150 grain bullets.....with fed 210 Match primers in WW Cases.

    Have to mention IMR 4064 @ 43.5 with 165/168 bullets nice cloverleafs @ 100 yards also! 2600 FPS load

    The 308 Win one of favorite rounds to reload!


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