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Thread: Is this trade a good deal?

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    Question Is this trade a good deal?

    I know this going to be subjective and has many determining factors to be considered but I am going to ask anyway. I have a 1997 Polaris XLT SP in very good to excellent condition with 1600 miles. I am wanting a touring sled for pulling some freight at times and for just being more comfortable for 2 riders to enjoy the outdoors. I have been offered a 1993 AC 440 Cheetah touring model with 2500 miles and the owner says is in very good to excellent condition, also have been offered a 1993 Skidoo SKandic 503 slt that has been rolled over and doesn't have a windshields or headlight now. The Cheetah was strictly a wife machine with no teens having access to it, the other has been clocked at 85mph.

    So with that little bit of information, what do you sled experts have to say about my future trade? Good one, wait and see, etc.


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    I remember the old Cheetah. They were a good machine back then. I don't think either of these machines would be good for riding double, but I'm jaded since I prefer not to ride double. Both these sleds can do a lot of work. I like the 503 in the Skandic. One of the most reliable engines out there. I don't like that style Skandic. It is a beast. I ride a widetrack and I still don't like the 92-94 Skandics. The windshield is stupid expensive from Ski-Doo also. Not bad aftermarket. The hood is fiberglass so if it is damaged from the rollover it will be hard to repair if you're not familiar with it. I don't like the idea of you trading back either. See if you can find something closer to the year you have now. If you decide on one of these then I would go with the Cheetah. Good luck!

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    I would not trade backwards 5 years in technology/age without really good reason. If anything, look for a trade for a true 2-up machine that was made within 1 year of your current sled. Neither of these look like deals to even consider... except for the guys on the other end of the trade who are trying to work you over.
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    Default Don't do it

    i have a '92 AC JAG runs good but ride is rough compared to my '98 v max old suspension is just that

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    Keep the XLT! Or get a true 2-up sled a little newer than yours.


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