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Thread: Deshka landing

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    Default Deshka landing

    Have any of you been to the web site looks like they are doing some improvment should make it alot better for next season. I just hope the fishing will be better also

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    Default landing

    They have done a ton of work to the landing, widened the launch to 3 abreast launching even novice boaters have room now. They took out the logs on the south side and dug out the bank and moved lots of new material on to that side of the hill and tapered it back to the base of the hill, added a long cable on both sides of the launch/breakwater to tie up to so you don't have to stretch your anchor rope all the way over to tie up. There is 8ft now from the bottom of the culverts down to the dirt/bottom of the launch since it is now dry. Lighted the parking lot with a few plug-ins for winter, and spread that pile of D1 that has been there for years around to level it out and keep down the dust. That's just a few that I was told about. Should be a great improvements for summer, now if the gas price would just drop!!!!!


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