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    Default aimpoint micro

    Thinking about putting a aimpoint micro red dot sight on my guide gun has anyone used these?? what about the regular aimpoint sights?

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    I am interested in putting a "red dot" sight, of some kind, on a Ruger 44 Mag carbine.

    A few weeks ago, I sat down with the Cabelas catalog and the Internet and did some research.

    I found really cheap sights, <$100, and sights costing $400+. I rulled out the cheapos. I know the expensive ones work because I see them in use on competition guns. But I'm not yet willing to shell out the 500 bucks or so.

    I finally found a mid-priced sight that fit my size requirements. So I did an Google search. There were several reports posted that the reticles were unstable under recoil. Some reticles simply disappeared.

    I won't name the company. I'll let you research the one(s) you are interested in.

    I still think a good red dot sight would be deadly on a large caliber, short barreled rifle for protection or brush hunting and sooner or later I will buy one.


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