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Thread: Good winter boots....

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    Default Good winter boots....

    So I've been getting back into my outdoor hobbies pretty hard this year and just the same this winter. Lookin for a good set of winter boots that are a little lighter in weight and not as bulky as bunny boots or my lacrosse icemen. they're ok for hittin the range in or ridin the wheeler around, but with snowshoes I'd like to find somethin more compact. I wear a size 14, which can be hard to buckle into some shoes. My feet do tend to be the first to get cold to.

    Pack Boots?
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    Thumbs up good thread

    Me too! Have been thinking hard about Banff boots for play. Any other suggestions out there?


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    I find snow shoeing to be a pretty exhausting sport for me (read: I'm a little over weight and I sweat like a pig). I used to wear pac boots while out and about on the shoes, but my feet would always get too warm even if it was close to -40. This would cause my feet to sweat and then get cold if I sat still too long. I've taken to wearing insulated hiking boots in the 400-800 gram Thinsulate range with two pairs of wool socks instead. This lets me stay a little cooler and I swap out socks more often. They are also much lighter than pack boots and coupled with light weight gaiters (I like Kenetrek) they keep me pretty dry.

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    Default Rocky 12"

    I just bought a pair of Rocky 12" AntiARCTIC from Cabelas for a nice price for the same purpose. The uppers are soft and pliable and the bottoms are sturdy to protect the feet. Take a look at the reviews on their web.


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