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    Default lynx cubbies

    I just wanted to see what the different opinions are about lynx trapping. Does lure make a difference when setting lynx cubbies? What lures are best for lynx?

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    Beaver castor is popular for a lynx lure. Also important is visual lures......flagging, feathers, fur. I like a dirt hole sort of set at the base of a tree.
    Bobcat lures will work for lynx. Skunky smelling lures are also useful.
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    Default go to and look in the archives...

    man, you gotta go to if you have not already...I met them on here and they directed me to the archives there....holy cow, they have hundreds of post archived on every topic you could think of...

    i looked at pics and posts of lynx cubbies for days! oh, and great pics of wolverine sets also...

    a few ideas.....almost all used some type of visual and one of the new ones i heard was to use a coke can and put your lure/bait in it so the voles, birds, etc could not eat it nad it served as a visual also!...

    they had alot on bucket sets, coni's vs foot holds, cubbie sets, tree sets, etc...

    i saw posts by guys on bobcat trapping that i think would work on lynx....they use rub posts, fence sets, blind sets....i've done more on than i have in the field!!!! But, their are alot of guys that have trapped for, they have a kids program going on, they refer people to other websites and other products than their own...and, i've gotten people to OFFER to send me different lures to try out for free...i said, "yeah yeah, heard this one before"....well, two weeks later, a box with about 7 different types of lures/baits shows up adn I mean most are 4oz bottles....all together, i had over $100 in products, for, try em out...great guys here too, just more traffic on that board than here...

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