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    Im hiking up into the West Fork next to the Robertson River and was hoping find someone who has hiked it in the past . My son drew a permit . Should we bring crampons and ice picks . They are expensive and also some added on weight . . . If you like you can respond to my e-mail , Thank - You's

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    I hunted the East fork of the Robertson about 10 years ago. We flew in early and found the sheep so by 6AM opening morning I was caping out my first sheep. I got lucky and won the coin toss and collected my first sheep over 40". My sheep was 40 1/2" and my partner passed on some smaller legal sheep. There were a couple other sheep in the 40" range and one about 42+ on one side and broomed on the other. We were several miles up the Robertson glacier and off on a side glacier. This is a hard place to travel unless you figure out that the glacier is your friend. We did not have any crampons and did not need them. Most of the glacier is covered with rock.

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    Default west fork of the Robertson

    Check your email


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