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Thread: Predator calling?

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    Default Predator calling?

    I am thinking about getting into predator hunting/calling. I have found some areas with plenty of yote and fox sign but I have no real use for the hides. I won't kill something with out using it however if there are no rules about me giving the hides away I would imagine that there is a wasilla area trapper that would want them. If so please recommend basic hide care and provide contact info to me.
    From what I have read in the hunting regs it apears to be legal to hunt using moon light as long as no artificial light is used do the Trapping regs offer any more lenient rules?

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    hey LuJon think of this also,ask around your area and see If any of the Taxidermist want to buy a prime 'coyote off of you and or exchange for some Taxidermy work.
    Another food for thought is that i pay my Taxidermist about 75 bucks to skin and Tan the hide and If I want I can get my critter taxied at a later time.
    Or skin it yourself and send to a Tannery and then put your hide up for sale at the Fur Auction which we have up here every spring or get on and sell it there.
    Atleast anyway you look at it hopefully you'll come away with enough to make up for your fuel.Daniel


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