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    Default Sea worthy.

    I like what some of the 15'ft 11 inch arima boats offer. Are the sea worthy as other boats in there size region? Or would I be better off getting a less costly skiff like a ski barge or a lund?

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    Default my arima

    i bought a 17 ft arima sea ranger and i couldnt be happier with it. it has an 8 ft beam and it is very stable. i had it out on big lake and my brother lost his hat overboard. when he bent over to get it out of the water i noticed that the boat didnt lean very far. he weighs close to 300# i havent had it in the ocean yet but i think ill feel very safe when i do so. on their website they have a testimonials section and that might help you with your decision.

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    I take my 17 foot Sea Ranger out of Whittier all the time. Been out to Disk Island and Eshamy Bay and lots of places in between. Arimas are good boats for running around out in PWS. They're not the biggest boats on the water, but as long as you're smart about it and recognize that you may need to pop into a cove and hang out for a while when warranted, they do just fine. Nice and stable and pretty fuel efficient.
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