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    I hope that people hunting Kodiak lately have had more success than I have. I've spent the past 4 days going up and down ridges, checking valleys and mountains tops all along the roads system, mainly in the south areas without seeing the first deer. Today went into an area that was literally an interstate system of trails from last year without finding any sign at all of recent activity. I'm either unlucky or the winter kill along the road system was a lot worse than I thought. Areas were I counted over 35 deer on hillsides last year have yet to produce anything. I'll keep looking and maybe my luck will change.

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    Seems to me, if it were as bad as some are reporting it to be, the area biologist for Fish and Game would impose restrictions, even if it were in localized areas. Certainly not a good thing, if game populations are endangered and still allowed to be hunted. Have you discussed your findings with the local bio?

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    No I haven't, I need to go by the office this week to see which area will be opened for archery goat, and I will talk to him then and see if they have more or better information.

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    My buddy and I did some deer hunting in August on the roadsystem near chiniak. We were disappointed as well. We did a lot of humping with little results. We saw a handful of does and 1 small buck. When we spoke to people in town and told them how we were hunting they told us we were doing everything right, but it sure didn't feel like it.

    I guess thats life.


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