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Thread: Replacement Grips for S&W .500?

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    Default Replacement Grips for S&W .500?

    I acquired a like-new 8 3/8" .500 last week, and fired it for the first time today. Action is great, and the recoil was quite tolerable.

    The Hogue grips are too small for my hands, and the balance suffers badly.

    Can anyone recommend an aftermarket grip that will be more suited to someone with large hands?

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    Your best bet is to make your own out of wood. You will control the fit, nobody can do that better than you.

    This use to be common for guys with big paws, not so today. You will definitely like the way it shoots if it fits you the way you like.

    Get to whittiling!

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    I ordered a set of Jordan Trooper grips last week. Another reason to replace the grips on my .500 is that when the cylinder is positoned in just the right (or wrong) way, the rim of the case hits the edge of the Hogue grip, and the case can get bumped off the star.


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