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Thread: pro pioneer where to look at one?

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    Cool pro pioneer where to look at one?

    is there any place around anch. where pro pioneer rafts are for sale. would like to look at one.

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    Default Pro p

    Try Wiggy's Alaska or Sportsmans Warehouse.

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    Marc has one at Wiggy's-Alaska. 8225 Old Seward Hwy.

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    Default Taylor's place

    Quote Originally Posted by whitepalm View Post
    Try Wiggy's Alaska or Sportsmans Warehouse.
    I don't think Sportsman's carries them anymore.

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    Exclamation Hey emcpipe!

    I know you are in the vicinity of Anchorage, but If you are ever up in Fairbanks/North Pole, feel free to give me a call. I will set one up for you to look at if you wish. I have two of them and they are awsome hunting and fishing machines! I purchased them through Larry Bartlett at Pristine Ventures (Check out his Website). In my opinion, he is the subject matter expert on anything and everything when it comes to the proper gear and float hunting scenario's. He definately took great care of my friends and I, and went that extra mile others were not willing to go to ensure our satisfaction with service and success on the water. P.M. me if you have any questions, or want to talk "Pro Pioneer" talk!
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    Yes, Marc Taylor has one fully set up and loaded for you to check out, complete with moose antlers and dry bags! I believe Mike is correct, I don't think Sportsmans carries them anymore.


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